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Our Simple Approach

Congratulations on taking the first step toward energy independence!  Whether you are looking to save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills, or want to do what's right for our planet, or maybe a little bit of both, you’ve chosen a great place to get started!

At Alt E Wind & Solar, we believe implementing a clean, renewable energy program should be simple.  And with our turn key alternative energy solutions, it is!  Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution spans all four phases of a typical solar photovoltaic or solar thermal installation:

     1. Phone Consultation and Site Evaluation
         First, we want to answer all your questions and understand your goals & objectives.  Then we conduct a site analysis to determine which
         alternative energy technologies are best for your particular situation.

     2. Engineering/design
         We design your solar or wind turbine system to minimize costs and maximize results to achieve your desired objectives.

     3. Installation/construction
         Our in house skilled and trained installers will quickly and efficiently install your alternative energy system.  We provide onsite management 
         throughout the process to address any construction challenges, mitigate risk and ensure quality results.

     4. System maintenance and monitoring
          We offer custom monitoring and maintenance packages to ensure your system always performs at peak efficiency.

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Why Choose Alt E Wind & Solar?

Focused area of expertise
We focus exclusively on solar technologies.  Our management team has over a decade of combined experience in the alternative energy industry.  We hire only the best, most experienced personnel and certified installers.  We 100% guarantee a trouble free experience working with our Company.  Our experience, passion, and uncompromising customer service have made us the industry leader in Colorado for alternative energy installations

Lower costs
We are a locally owned, private company, which means we have low overhead and don't have large investors that demand high returns.  Additionally, we purchase on high volume but are not locked into any particular technology or vendor.  This allows us to find the optimal alternative energy solution for your particular situation, then negotiate the very best deal for your solar energy project.

Simple, fast, & efficient process
Alt E Wind & Solar is a full-service solar installation service provider.  We offer everything from alternative energy feasibility studies to in-house design and installation to utility interconnection and rebate paperwork.  We are your single point of contact, which means you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors, engineers, utility contacts, plans, schedules, etc. We manage every aspect of your project, so you have complete visibility into the process from beginning to end.

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