Wind Energy Systems for Colorado Residential Homes

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Residential Wind Energy Systems!

A wind energy system uses wind power to produce renewable, free, clean electricity. Our advanced designs and precise installations provide you the benefits of using the best wind turbines in the industry. By installing a wind energy system you will:

Increase Your Home’s Value - According to the Appraisal Institute, "A wind energy system increases property value by $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual utility savings."

Save Money – Lower or eliminate your electric bills entirely by generating your own clean, renewable power using a wind turbine.

Decrease Your Harmful Environmental Impact – generating your own clean electricity with a wind turbine helps avoid the polluting emissions associated with fossil fuel-generated electricity (such as coal, oil, and natural gas).

Qualify For Rebates and Tax Credits – federal tax credits along with state rebates from the Governor's Energy Office can cover 60% or more of your system’s installation cost.

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Wind Turbines are Simple, Durable, and Long Lasting

Since a wind energy system is a valuable home improvement and a smart investment in the future, we’ve designed our systems to combine simplicity, durability, and longevity.

Simple to Own and Operate – Our fully-automated wind energy systems only have a few moving parts and require very little regular maintenance. Once your system is installed, you’ll start generating electricity immediately.

Durable and Safe – An internal regulator protects the wind turbine against sustained winds up to 140 mph.

Lifespans of 30 Years or More – It’s an outstanding home improvement investment with benefits you can enjoy for years to come.

Getting a Wind Energy System is as Easy as 1–2–3

At Alt E Wind & Solar, we believe it should be easy for you to get a wind energy system. That’s why we’ve developed a convenient process that takes you from start to finish in 3 simple steps.

1.  Evaluation – We begin with a simple evaluation of your home and              your current energy use to assess if a wind energy system is 
    right for you.  You’ll need at least a 18 MPH average annual wind 
    speed, property of at least 3/4 acre with few obstructions, and the
    ability to have a structure at least 42’ tall on your property.

2.  Site Visit – Once we've completed our preliminary evaluation and 
    determined a wind energy system is a good choice for you, we’ll 
    perform a site visit and provide a customized quote.

3.  Installation –We’ll then handle all aspects of the installation of 
    your new system to ensure you receive the highest quality 
    equipment and results.

Find out if a Wind Energy System is Right for You!

The Wind Energy Experts

Expert Products – We’ll help you choose the right wind turbine for your needs from industry-leading manufacturers. 

Expert Installation – We’ll develop the best installation strategy for your particular situation: 
  • Determine which concrete footings and structural supports are best suited to your soil type
  • Ensure that the installation meets all National Electric Code requirements
  • Interconnect the system with your current utility provider
  • Coordinate all permitting, inspections and approval of local governments and the utility company 

Expert Results – Gain peace of mind by having a wind turbine installed by Alt E Wind & Solar. You’ll have the right product, the highest quality installation, and many years of trouble-free, warranted service.

For a free, no-obligation quote to find out if a wind energy system is right for you, fill out this form or call 970.482.SOLAR (7652).

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How a Wind Turbine System works in a residential home
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