Commercial Solar Installation for Businesses in Colorado

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Solutions that Save Money and Build Your Reputation

Dependence on fossil fuels has created an environmental and energy crisis that’s affecting businesses and property owners everywhere. But Alt E Wind & Solar is here to help your Company put a cap on rising energy costs and elevate its public image. Our approach helps your Company: 
  • Cut its total monthly energy bills without sacrificing comfort for employees or customers 
  • Decrease fossil fuel use, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Be recognized as a responsible, proactive leader who’s doing the right thing by reducing its carbon footprint

Lower Costs and Increase Your Energy Independence

Renewable energy includes natural, unlimited, and pollution-free resources such as the sun and the wind. Using a solar electric (PV), solar hot water (thermal), or wind energy system has substantial benefits for your company:
  • Save money by purchasing less energy from utilities and lower your company’s exposure to rising energy prices 
  • Offset high demand charges and peak-rate increases 
  • Decrease fossil fuel use, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Build marketing and public relation assets by nurturing your company’s image as a leader in environmental conservation 

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Learn the Best Ways to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Energy Audit

An energy audit will give you a thorough analysis of your building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, and consumption patterns and help you identify ways to control your energy use and lower your bills.   

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

An energy management system (EMS) provides power-saving monitoring options that allow your business to better understand and control its energy use.

Take Steps to Decrease Your Company's Energy Use

Energy Saving Tips & Facts

Did you know that it costs 4-5 times more to produce energy than it does to conserve energy?  Every home has its own individual ways it can be made more energy efficient.  Click the link above to see what you can do to decrease your energy use.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Every business has its own unique ways it can be made more energy efficient. That’s why we offer so many energy efficiency solutions, such as such as efficient lighting, window film, insulation, weatherization, water heating, and refrigeration. 

Generate Clean, Renewable Energy for Your Business

Solar Electric (PV) Systems

Reduce or eliminate your Company's electric bills by using the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity for your business.

Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Heating water can consume a lot of energy for your business, but it doesn’t have to.  Lower this substantial cost by using the clean, renewable power of the sun to heat your water.

Wind Energy Systems
Lowering your electric bills and your contribution to pollution is easy when you use a wind turbine to generate clean, renewable electricity for your business.

Learn How Your Company Can Save Energy and Money

The Energy Experts

Most companies specialize in only one thing, whether it’s installing solar panels, replacing air conditioning systems, or performing energy audits. But Alt E Wind & Solar is different.
  • We do everything by bringing all the resources your business needs together under one roof because we believe smart energy efficiency and alternative energy decisions should be easy for business owners to make.
  • We use a comprehensive approach to evaluate your company's individual energy performance. 
  • We’ve handpicked the best technologies, products, services, designers, and installers, to ensure your Company gets the best energy solutions possible.
  • We’re a trusted partner you can count on to be your Company's energy efficiency and alternative energy expert.

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Solar PV Panels

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Our approach to energy efficiency and alternative energy makes us a trusted partner that your Company can count on to be your energy efficiency and renewable energy expert. 
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