About Our Solar Company

Integrity. Passion. Knowledge.

Founded in 2010 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd. has become the premier solar energy company in Colorado. Because we work from a deep rooted set of core values, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to being the best solar company in the state.  We’ll custom design and install a solar panel system that meets all your financial and environmental goals.

The primary goal of Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd. is to consistently provide the highest quality solar energy products and customer service available on the market today!  Through a partnership with our clients, employees and management team we pledge to be the best solar company by making customer satisfaction our number one priority.  We also approach our duties with a well-trained, knowledgeable and caring staff.  Additionally we endeavor to create an atmosphere of integrity and competence with all of our clients, assuring that we always exceed their expectations.

Best Solar Dog Ever


Focused area of expertise

We focus exclusively on solar technologies.  Our management team has over three decades of combined experience in the solar energy industry.  Additionally we hire only the best, most experienced personnel and certified solar installers.  Therefore we guarantee a trouble free experience working with our Company.  Our experience, passion, and uncompromising customer service have therefore made us the industry leader in Colorado for solar panel installations.

Lower costs

We are a locally owned, private solar company, which means we have low overhead and don’t have large investors that demand high returns.  Additionally, we purchase on high volume but are not locked into any particular technology or vendor.  Therefore, this allows us to find the optimal solar energy solution for your particular situation, then negotiate the very best deal with our vendors for your project.

Simple, fast, & efficient process

Finally, Alt E Wind & Solar is a full-service solar installation company.  Therefore we offer everything from alternative energy feasibility studies to in-house design and installation to utility interconnection and rebate paperwork.  We are your single point of contact, which means you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors, engineers, utility contacts, plans, schedules, etc.  Plus, of course, we manage every aspect of your solar project and communicate thoroughly throughout the process, so you have complete visibility from beginning to end.

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